Amari's Armada

Amari’s Armada

The story of the D&D campaign Dungeons and Dogs, in weekly summaries. The most recent entries are below, but you can start from the beginning if you like.

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An owl flies past the sunset

While the threat of another gods’ war was ended, the party and their allies still had to figure out what to do with the tremendous power they had gathered from Hecate’s Key Stones. Many ideas were considered, but eventually the idea of trying to stabilize the magic in the Scar seemed to be the most…

A gods’ will and a gods’ war

When we left our heroes, they had witnessed the opening of a portal to the realm of the dead, where the evil goddess Hecate was trapped in a massive tree. Over hundreds of years the goddess had subtly influenced the minds of mortals, teaching some of them to use artifacts called Bridge Stones. The artifacts…

Rollo and the Keystone Gate

Last week, the party battled their nemesis in his mountain fortress before a mysterious gateway of massive Bridge Stones. The gateway appeared to be blocked by a powerful barrier, and as the fight went on, the party soon learned why. Having plane shifted the magma dragon away, Amari’s Armada leaped into action against Rollo Seaspell.…

Character art by Dani! Image background by veeterzy on Unsplash.