Amari's Armada

Amari’s Armada

The story of the D&D campaign Dungeons and Dogs, in weekly summaries. The most recent entries are below, but you can start from the beginning if you like.

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The son of Thime

Last time, our heroes encountered a blue dragonborn swordsman named Drancet, who they learned was rescued as a child by the Thime family and has been a loyal servant ever since. His illusion magic has made it possible to act as a covert agent for the family. In recent months, this has meant protecting youngContinue reading “The son of Thime”

A map of the Eastern Kingdoms

Not much is known in the West about the city states of the Eastern Kingdoms, except for the Illuminated City and the blighted lands of the Scar.

A map of the Giant’s Valley

A map of the city-states of the Giant’s Valley on the border between the Eastern and Western Kingdoms, including the elven city of Tyrwreath, the Air Genasi city of Galekeep, and the sleepy town of Drake’s Fallows.

Character art by Dani! Image background by veeterzy on Unsplash.