This is the tale of Dungeons and Dogs

Here is chronicled the adventures of a group of unexpected heroes in a realm of magic and danger.

This blog is a history of the story of Dungeons and Dogs, also eventually known as Amari’s Armada, as they travel around the land of Cadria. They start with humble beginnings, but eventually rise to challenge dragons and gods.

The initial party consisted of a blunt elven misfit barbarian named Keela Lightleaf, her friend the ostentatious paladin of Athena, Azara Nightstar, and their under-socialized monk ally, Belthan. Soon Belthan left the group and a snappy rogue called Roobius joined the crew, hoping to escape his past, and together this group became involved in the machinations of a group of Drow who had attacked a temple of Athena in the town of Misten.

As they harried their enemies, the party was joined at various times by a gnome warlock named Lyrim and by the sorcerer Astilbe, who was looking for clues to her family’s disappearance.

The group ventured deep into the mountains in the south of the kingdom of Tomar, getting assistance from a terse Dwarven Paladin named Mu from the neighboring O’Taki Empire and (after a fight) a orcish druid named UmDrum. Once they convinced UmDrum that they were on the same side, they learned that he was also after the Drow priestess for raiding the land he protected.

Together, the party tracked the Drow to caves near a great waterfall…

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