An owl flies past the sunset

While the threat of another gods’ war was ended, the party and their allies still had to figure out what to do with the tremendous power they had gathered from Hecate’s Key Stones. Many ideas were considered, but eventually the idea of trying to stabilize the magic in the Scar seemed to be the mostContinue reading “An owl flies past the sunset”

Rollo and the Keystone Gate

Last week, the party battled their nemesis in his mountain fortress before a mysterious gateway of massive Bridge Stones. The gateway appeared to be blocked by a powerful barrier, and as the fight went on, the party soon learned why. Having plane shifted the magma dragon away, Amari’s Armada leaped into action against Rollo Seaspell.Continue reading “Rollo and the Keystone Gate”

The Scourgelight Fortress

Amari’s Armada said goodbye to the Thime family in Damasc, gathered their supplies, donned the amulets that protected them against wild magic, and teleported to the origin of the stone which Garrus had brought them from the Scar. Just as the young hero had described, the party appeared in the windy, snow-swept peaks of theContinue reading “The Scourgelight Fortress”

The son of Thime

Last time, our heroes encountered a blue dragonborn swordsman named Drancet, who they learned was rescued as a child by the Thime family and has been a loyal servant ever since. His illusion magic has made it possible to act as a covert agent for the family. In recent months, this has meant protecting youngContinue reading “The son of Thime”

A map of the Eastern Kingdoms

Not much is known in the West about the city states of the Eastern Kingdoms, except for the Illuminated City and the blighted lands of the Scar.

A map of the Giant’s Valley

A map of the city-states of the Giant’s Valley on the border between the Eastern and Western Kingdoms, including the elven city of Tyrwreath, the Air Genasi city of Galekeep, and the sleepy town of Drake’s Fallows.


Arriving in Damasc at sunset over a day since it was attacked by a dragon, the party saw that the densely populated west end was still on fire. Hurrying there, Amari’s Armada set to work putting out fires and rescuing people from burning buildings. Keela and Thetis found a young wizard in a collapsing inn,Continue reading “Firefighters”

Ashes of Damasc

The party awoke to a wet, dark sky with a reddish glow to the north. They headed to the circus and negotiated with Grimble Maratook, convincing him to take both the original and the new Xorn as performers, and to allow them to live without chains. The practical dwarf was convinced by the party’s insistenceContinue reading “Ashes of Damasc”

The Great Xorn Adventure

Feared lost beneath the earth, Keela was unexpectedly rescued by the very Xorn she had been pursuing. The creature vomited forth a healing clay-like substance and cocooned the barbarian until she regained consciousness. Her friends were finally able to contact her, but as she was injured, some miles beneath the ground, and stuck with aContinue reading “The Great Xorn Adventure”

The shrine of iron and stone

In rocky caves beneath the city of Volos on the island of Thete, our heroes discovered a shrine from some ancient civilization which held a bar of diuturnal iron that they need to protect themselves from the magic of the Scar. The iron was barred within a cage and attached to some sort of magicalContinue reading “The shrine of iron and stone”

Rock, Oil, Xorn

Last week, our heroes faced off with a horde of rock monsters deep under the island of Thete. The creatures greatly outnumbered the party, but as they closed in, a magic portal opened, spilling out gallons of water and a damp Roobius Chatsely! As he helped to shatter the angry rocks, Roobius explained that heContinue reading “Rock, Oil, Xorn”

Debts, Djinn, and Deep Iron

Last week, the party returned from the Astral Sea to the hidden island of Naxos, having found Keela along with her new friend Greaser, the Kenku. After another day of rest, they destroyed all but one of their remaining Bridge Stones using the hammer and shield of Hephaestus. This released the fire elementals trapped withinContinue reading “Debts, Djinn, and Deep Iron”

The Agreement

After defeating the Gith researchers in the core of a planet floating in the Astral sea, the party was reunited with Keela. They also met her newfound friend, the Kenku artificer Greaser and her mechanical assistant Crank. They learned that time is quite rare in the Astral sea, and that living beings (and some objects)Continue reading “The Agreement”

Encounter with the Gith

Over a day has passed since Amari’s Armada entered the Astral sea searching for their missing friend, Keela. Riding on the back of an Astral whale sent to them by Apollo, the party spotted their destination in the distance: a dim shifting light. Their hope was disrupted, however, by battle cries from a ship fullContinue reading “Encounter with the Gith”

Journey to the Astral Sea

With Keela’s disappearance the party was frantic. Zinmyn and Azara wanted to find her immediately, while Amari (recovered slightly from his spellcasting as well as his anger) counseled patience and consideration. Randdall believed that Keela had been transported into the Astral Plane, the timeless realm between the other planes of existence, and he knew aContinue reading “Journey to the Astral Sea”

Vengeance and Vampires

Last time we opened with the party surrounded by shadow creatures that appeared from within Gustavar’s body after Amari sacrificed both his magic and his health to free the former vampire of his curse. The shadows spoke with one voice, saying that their previous “vessel” was no longer suitable, and that they would take aContinue reading “Vengeance and Vampires”

Gift for a Vampire

With the magic circle they had prepared, the party was able to safely release both Illur and Este, the two vampires they had captured many months earlier using the Bridge Stones, trapping them within and (after some assistance by the cleric Alysei) negating their powers. After Randdall released the pair, the rest of the partyContinue reading “Gift for a Vampire”

Visiting old friends

Fresh from the Illuminated City, Amari’s Armada teleported to the Underdark to return Triel to her people. The young drow leader’s stories were quite popular in the rebel haven, and the party was regarded with wonder. While feasting on what they called “drow chow”, our heroes learned that in the weeks since they left, manyContinue reading “Visiting old friends”

Lightbringer’s Trial

Last time, our heroes had found themselves in a complicated situation. They had single-handedly saved the lives of most of the Lightbringer’s Council, but that same council and their Justicari had convicted them of crimes against the Illuminated City which had become well-known when they violently broke out of prison some months earlier. Furthermore, theyContinue reading “Lightbringer’s Trial”

Laquel and the engines of power

Last week we watched as our heroes tried to stop Laquel from activating the magical engines spread around the Dome of Unfailing Light. When the survivors of the wizard’s coup attempt escaped the sealed chamber, the Justicari Iudex were summoned along with their golems to arrest Laquel and his Umbral Order assassins. Just as theyContinue reading “Laquel and the engines of power”

The Lightbringer’s Council

It’s been quite a day for Amari’s Armada. They awoke early this morning in the bayside city of Cadun, then teleported to the island of Crow’s Leap where they surprised and confronted the wizard Laquel as he was using a Bridge Stone to bind pirates to make flying weapons he could control with a thought.Continue reading “The Lightbringer’s Council”

A dome of light

Last week, our heroes split up within the magical Llarum City to try to track down Laquel while avoiding being identified themselves, lest they be arrested again. Zinmyn went to speak to Losa, the leader of the Blue Cliff Gang who has considerable power in the city and was told that she could help theContinue reading “A dome of light”

The pirates of Crow’s Leap

As the party scouted the mansion on Crow’s Leap, they watched former Praesidium Laquel magically imbue piles of swords and daggers in an unusual ritual. They also discovered the comatose bodies of many pirates sleeping in the mansion’s crypt. While they pondered this mystery, Keela took the initiative, charging in to attack the wizard withContinue reading “The pirates of Crow’s Leap”


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